Two Minutes Hugging Kittens EP

by Creepy Little Legs

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Four minutes and eleven seconds of brand new Creepy Little Legs music crammed into the "Two Minutes Hugging Kittens" EP. Just a little bit to sate your thirst for more.


released January 20, 2015



all rights reserved


Creepy Little Legs Woodland, California

Creepy Little Legs is fucking dead. CLL Records lives...

For fans of
AFI, The Misfits, The Dwarves, Joy Division, Bomb the Music Industry!, Fall Out Boy, Cancerslug, Blitzkid, My Chemical Romance, Danzig, The Ramones, Guided By Voices, Boom Boom Kid, Midnight, Future Islands, Best Friends Forever, Paul Baribeau, Wayne Jetski, Why?, Panic! At the Disco, The Beatles and probably more. ... more

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Track Name: Two Minutes Hugging Kittens
Everything that's new is dumb
And I hate all these stupid trends
All this new age music sucks
And I don't need or want your friends/requests
And then

And then I crawl the streets
I'm alone and care free
And then I crawl the streets
I'm in love as I can be

Because I truly don't care at all

And then I pause to think
Dear god how i pause to think
Of things
Track Name: Baby Love
I wanna be your baby love
Track Name: Mirror Mirror
Roll over on your side
To show you're still alive
Though your window is open
I can't tell if it's the reason your cold skin let rigor mortis set in
Are you alive, are you dead
I'll hold a mirror to your head
And wait to see your breath reflect
I will shake you violently but

I can't wake you from your dreams if you're not asleep

Are you with me
Argue with me
Or are you drifting from this world