Opinions Matter EP

by Creepy Little Legs

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Demo EP
Recorded at the Creepy Little Studio in May, July and August of 2015.

A prelude to the "Horror PunKKKs on Haight Circa 20-1-8" LP, fresh off the heels of signing a five meal record deal with ShipPop Recordings, Creepy Little Legs is proud to present this disturbing piece of propaganda to you. Nine brand new tracks to sweat out the demons and pump out the semen to. Country Death Rock! We guarantee to shock-and-awe your Christian moms! Believe us not, than LISTEN AT YOUR OWN RISK!

And as always anti-folks,


released August 19, 2015

Idegad - Guitar & VOX
Munchie - Bass & VOX
Davey - Drums

All songs written, recorded, produced, and performed by Creepy Little Legs.



all rights reserved


Creepy Little Legs Woodland, California

Creepy Little Legs is fucking dead. CLL Records lives...

For fans of
AFI, The Misfits, The Dwarves, Joy Division, Bomb the Music Industry!, Fall Out Boy, Cancerslug, Blitzkid, My Chemical Romance, Danzig, The Ramones, Guided By Voices, Boom Boom Kid, Midnight, Future Islands, Best Friends Forever, Paul Baribeau, Wayne Jetski, Why?, Panic! At the Disco, The Beatles and probably more. ... more

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Track Name: 1-800 God
I'm just a country boy from California
I work a minimum wage job and my dad
Drives a Ford Truck

But how I've got
Such big dreams to rock

You've got thick skin I could fit in
But I'd probably wear you out
For a night on the town when you're homeward bound
And gagged, like totally

But how I've got
Such big dreams to rock

I'll be down 'til my number's called
666-1800 God
Track Name: Beetle Juice
Beetle Juice Beetle Juice
You don't want me
You don't need me

I'm a terror in the night
Looking for someone to fright
I could scare you all away with one look from my face
I don't even know your name
I don't care who comes today
All that matters is my fix and I'm gonna get it

I'm a selfish careless beast
And I love my self defeat
I continue to this day mocking the better ways
I believe in nothing more
Than the chaos that exists
This is the final score, where do I fit

Take me down to the ground
'Cause I don't need you anymore
Track Name: You're So Cool (You're So Cool, You're So Cool)
Ooh girl, you better watch your step

Don't tell me don't
I'm gonna do it anyway

I've got that shake
Track Name: Johnny Thunders Sneers
It's your Johnny Thunders sneer
That makes you look queer
It's your jeans that make it clear
That you are a-


I know where the wild things go to grow old
They go to shows, they go to shows
They get drunk and go to shows
They put on their big girl pants and take them off just as fast
They act ugly, they act stupid, and they make themselves mad like-
Track Name: Bullshit
Fuck all the bullshit you said before
This frayed love won't cure you anymore
You can't tell me what to do
Look at me and look at you
Fuck all the bullshit you said before

'Cause baby you know you don't fool me

Fuck all the bullshit you said before
These head games you're playing
Won't even the score
All the heart I put into you
Gone to waste, yeah that's for sure
Fuck all the bullshit you said before

'Cause baby you know you don't fool me
Track Name: Monday Blood
Monday blood
Devils you love
Such a chalky mousse
What have they done

And they bleed baby bleed a baby's blood
Witches, witches, witches, all of them

Don't read no books
Don't hear no friends
Drink tannis root
Crop your split ends

Feed off raw meat
Anorexic pale flesh
Receive in deceit
Death to Casavetes

All of the witches they come in the fall
For when Hell faces me
You're rocking him all wrong
Think of his safety, and

Think of the shock and the awe

Rose, rose, pain be gone
I'll have no more of thee
1966 New Years Eve
This is not a dream
It's happening, it's alive it's moving
Rosemary's baby
And Satan's son

Taken tie and glove
A coven for the bun in the oven
(Yeah, oh-oh)
They're coming for the bun in the oven

Bleed baby bleed a baby's blood
Rosemary's Baby
Witches, witches, all of them
For Satan's Son
Track Name: The Wronski Feint
Baby can you wait
I'm asking you nicely
I'm acting politely
Just twenty more Seconds
While I fuck your intestines
Baby can you wait

oooh, Just kidding

If you wanna barter with me
Than come cut out my tongue
Then you'll have something of
Some sort of importance with which
You can snuggle up
And one day stalkers will enact
All the worst parts of my songs
From the Cartoons to the Limpias
To the Typhoons and 21's

But not the news
But never the news

Track Name: Halloween In Hell Pt. I (Live)
I'm going to Halloween in Hell
I hope you'll visit me
On the otherside where I'll touch you
While you peer through the veil
To a Halloween In Hell

I hope you dress well Jessabelle
As the death Bells will toll
I'll steal your soul and your clothes
And leave you naked and alone
In a Halloween in Hell

I hope you'll visit me there

We will fuck in the mud
As two people who are dead
You will not see my face but you will feel my head
And the dread and regret of the carnage in the bed
I was born of a jackal's skull
And the beastly undead sex

Because Halloween's in Hell
I hope you'll visit me there
Track Name: Halloween In Hell Pt. II (Live)
Oooh, Oooh

On Christmas Eve, you will come back to me

If you wanna, come back home

Hang the lights off the Christmas trees
And drive by the houses on Ashley Street
I will ash out this cigarette out of a rolled down window
And hope that you don't check my phone

There's a lump of coal inside my throat
And it's live
Embers alive, it burns alive

On Christmas Eve, you will come back to me

If you wanna, come the fuck home