Bops For Moms

by Death, the Kid

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The official second LP from Death-Folk/Punk-Rap outfit, "Death,the Kid". Follow up to 2011's self titled debut album, "Death, the Kid", featuring ten all new tracks written and recorded in just three days.


released May 25, 2013

All songs written, recorded, arranged, produced, and performed by Idegad of Death, the Kid at the Creepy Little Studio in Woodland, California from 5/22/13 to 5/24/13.



all rights reserved


Creepy Little Legs Woodland, California

Creepy Little Legs is fucking dead. CLL Records lives...

For fans of
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Track Name: 1SS
One second song
Track Name: Not So Bad
Everything you had was not so bad
After all
Track Name: Hardcore UFotos
Let me take a hit
Than I'll drink in sit
My glasses are broken

I write the same damn song
Every fucking three months

Let me take a hit
Than I'll drink (think) in sit
My glasses are broken
Track Name: Not So Great
Things aren't so bad
But they're also not great
So I guess if I had to say
I'd say that it's okay
Track Name: Animal Legs
Let me get a taste of your animal legs (ways)
Track Name: Beach
Lets go to the beach and start fucking in the streets
Lets go to the beach and start fucking in the sheets
Track Name: Cleavage or Snatch
Rock hard out of my underpants
God yall should quit cuz yall suck at rap
I wonder what kinda pics she's gonna send back
Cleavage or ass or a peek at her snatch
Track Name: Bops For Mom
Text me at a quarter to twelve
It's 4:20 I'm over at Taco Bell
Lets meet in the parking lot
Smoke weed sing songs and we'll talk to god
Lets look at the stars and debate life on Mars
And stay spaced out like Doctor Octagon
I'll be the trophy husband to your soccer mom
And stay young forever but not for long
Track Name: Blitzed
I'm blitzed out of my mind
I'm blitzed out of my head
I'm dead
Track Name: Teenage Drama Queen (Swallow Hole)
Buy yourself a brand new shirt
And spend your money on your least favorite bands merch
And angle your iPhone to catch just enough cleavage
And keep telling yourself lies 'til you actually believe it

So if you want to be a teenage drama queen
When your twenty three
Than baby keep swallowing them whole

Show me those tits or what's underneath your skin
Binge on the compliments that we hurl out at your grin
And how many of those pics can I find floating the internet
Was it the lord almighty or Aphrodite who made you split those legs